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Celebration of the life of Chris Strachwitz May 20 on KALW

Four of Strachwitz’s closest friends will join host Dore Stein in studio on Saturday, May 20th at 9pm PST for a tribute to his life and work: Sandy Miranda, who helped create radio shows with Chris for 25 years, Davia Nelson of the Kitchen Sisters, Maureen Gosling, co-director of the Chris Strachwitz documentary, “This Ain’t No Mouse Music,” and John McCord, long time manager of Down Home Music.

Here’s a link to the full show

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Spring 2022

Well, here we all are, going into our third year of staying close to home because of Covid. I got Vaccine #3 six months ago and got really sick from it for about a week.  My arm is still sore, but I’m glad we have some protection.   My memoir TUNING IN is finished and available starting

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Subaltern Place of Ascension   

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy/Brittany border, France We awake at 5am to the cataclysmic sound of smashing glass.  We are sleeping, it turns out, right above the garbage, recycling, and kitchen area in a one road medieval village on the world famous Mont Saint Michel.  The collection of all restaurant glass and refuse from the island happens right

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Fall 2021

Well, here we all are a year and a half into wearing masks and trying to play it safe with Covid.  I just got vaccine #3.  Is that like Love Potion #9?  Not quite.  My arm was very sore for a week, but I’m grateful that we can get this protection. I’ve been writing a

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At the Grammys

As a voting member, I went to the Grammys for the first time in 2001, when the wild after-party was still in the cavernous downstairs at the Biltmore…ice sculptures spouting endless margueritas, top bands playing in room after room all at the same time, Grammy winners and nominees and friends all mingling.  It really was

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