Notes from the Road – Sandy Miranda

Notes from the Road

Subaltern Place of Ascension   

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy/Brittany border, France We awake at 5am to the cataclysmic sound of smashing glass.  We are sleeping, it turns out, right above the garbage, recycling, and kitchen area in a one road medieval village on the world famous Mont Saint Michel.  The collection of all restaurant glass and refuse from the island happens right […]

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Notes from Paris

5/10/17.  The Latin Quarter, Marais, and Seine Parisians enjoy much more freedom than we do in big American cities. They live in a pleasure-loving, walking-friendly, park-centric safe milieu–a comfortable take time-to-savor-life and people-focused city. It’s fun to bargain shop Paris. World class, inexpensive cosmetics, lingere, scarves.  Get a handful of small 💶 Euro notes and

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