Sandy Miranda – Tuning In

Tuning In

A Memoir of Transformation Through the Magic of Radio

Taught from an early age to be “seen and not heard,” Sandy Miranda has long been searching for her voice.

From humble beginnings as a shy girl yearning to escape  her dysfunctional family to finding herself pregnant and abandoned at age 18, follow Sandy’s journey of self-discovery as she puts herself through college, finds work at a nascent Apple Computer in Silicon Valley, and then has a life-changing experience at Esalen at age 43. As she  goes on to become a successful broadcaster, will her ground-breaking radio programs on music, culture, and spirituality help her finally overcome her fears of being heard, both on and off the air? 

“Tuning in is an affirmation of facing and conquering life’s challenges through the power of connection, creativity, and glorious music.” 

—Michele Flannery, KPFA Music Director emerita

“I was moved by Sandy’s book as I followed her transformation from the darkness of her past into her present day of light and healing.  She has a gift for sharing her Aloha by connecting us world musicians to her vast base of listeners, giving us a platform to share not only our music but also our stories and culture.”

—George Kahumoku Jr, Hawaiian farmer, teacher,
recording artist, and recipient of 4 Grammys

About Sandy

Sandy Miranda is a San Francisco native whose passion for global roots music led her to a radio broadcast career in the Bay Area for over thirty years.

A voting member of The Grammys and of Na Hoku Hano Hano Hawaiian music awards, Sandy received a California State Award for journalism, and, in 2010, a Hawaiian “Aloha Spirit” award, from leading Hawaiian elders in San Francisco.

Sandy holds a B.A. in World Literature and has completed four years of graduate work in Myth & Symbolism. She also holds an M.A. in Philosophy & Religion. Sandy also has a passion for photography and, with her husband, splits her time between the Bay Area and Hawaii.


More Adventures in Music & Culture with Sandy Miranda


I've been broadcasting on community and public radio for more than 33 years, creating programs of music from all over the world, and a series that explored women and spirituality.


Notes & photos from travels exploring the wild world’s cultures and stories. Here with ancient standing stones in Northern Scotland near Cawdor Castle.

Women, Spirit & Peace

A very special radio series I produced as part of my M.A. in Feminist Cultural History from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco

Family Recipes

Generations of women in my family, as well as friends from the music world, have passed down their recipes to me. I keep the original paper copies because I'm sure it adds to the flavor!

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