Home HAIRCUTS and 175 days of quarantine! – Sandy Miranda

Home HAIRCUTS and 175 days of quarantine!

Greetings everybody from day 175 of quarantine in the Covid pandemic.  Being proud members of the Older Generation, we are staying very close to home for the duration…at least until air travel is safe again.  Would really like to fly over to the middle of the Pacific right about now to see friends, but waiting for word that we can do it safely.  Would love to hear what you have been doing to get through this very unusual time.

For the past two weeks, in addition to having to stay home, we have had to stay in the house with lots of HEPA air filters running because the greater San Francisco Bay Area is on fire.  A total area greater than the size of the city of Los Angeles has burned.  This includes old growth redwoods thousands of years old.  Mother Earth is unhappy and maybe we’ll all get the message louder and clearer this time that radical change is over due.

Stay safe, keep cooking, and stay in touch!   –Love Sandy

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