Fall 2021 – Sandy Miranda

Fall 2021

Well, here we all are a year and a half into wearing masks and trying to play it safe with Covid.  I just got vaccine #3.  Is that like Love Potion #9?  Not quite.  My arm was very sore for a week, but I’m grateful that we can get this protection.

I’ve been writing a memoir.  I’ve got 33 chapters written now.  Just got my first big Developmental Edit back from my UK editor.  After a week of freaking out from all her comments, I now realize that’s what I paid her for and that she really does have some great constructive comments.  She doesn’t quite get some of my left-coast style, but I can work around that.

Now I just have to get myself back into the writing chair, do the work, and finish.  Next step is one more pass of editing and then into production.  First an ebook, and then a print version a week or so later.  It will be on Amazon.  I’ve got some good stories in there and will post more about it as we get closer to the publication date.  Aiming for the beginning of 2022.  I like that number.


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