Spring 2022 – Sandy Miranda

Spring 2022

Well, here we all are, going into our third year of staying close to home because of Covid.

I got Vaccine #3 six months ago and got really sick from it for about a week.  My arm is still sore, but I’m glad we have some protection.  

My memoir TUNING IN is finished and available starting March 2022 on Amazon.  

I have to say this is the most complex project I’ve ever worked on.  It’s taken three years, 18 months of writing group classes that started out at Stanford and migrated during Covid to Zoom, and four rounds of different kinds of editing.  

I decided I wanted to learn the entire publishing process, so first there were two rounds of developmental editing from my UK editor at Oxford.  Then a copy edit which was really a bit more than that, from my Scottish editor who lives in Paris.  Next a Proofread by a final editor in New York City who also works for Random House and St. Martin’s Press.  

I developed a book cover with my wonderful designer who lives in a village outside of London.  He has done books for the British Museum, and also a number of books on British Rock, poster art, and music.  That was the most fun part of the project, since I love graphic art.

We will create a paperback book which can be ordered on Amazon and an ebook as well.

I also had to go through hundreds of photographs that I’ve taken over the years and narrow down my final selection to just over 15.  I would have loved to have included more, but then the book gets too expensive, so I had to control myself!

Hope you enjoy the book and do let me know via the email on this site.

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