Robert Johnson and Beyond – Sandy Miranda

Robert Johnson and Beyond

  • Bela Fleck / Spirit Song; Salam Aleikum; Chant / Throw Down Your Heart: Africa Sessions, Part 2. ¬†Unreleased tracks / Acoustic Planet
  • Jolly Boys / Never Find a Lover Like Me / Beer Joint & Tailoring / First Warning 1991
  • Jolly Boys featuring Albert Minott / The Passenger; I Fought the Law; Ring of Fire / Great Expectation / GeeJam
  • Aurelio / Laru Beya / Laru Beya / Stonetree
  • Richard Thompson / Haul Me Up / Dream Attic / Shout! Factory
  • Albino! / Bade; Speak / Peralta House /
  • Ana Moura / Os Meus Olhos Sao Dois Cirios / Coliseu / WorldVillage

In the second hour, we aired a special new documentary about Robert Johnson including a lot of very clean-sounding cuts of his music.  Just in time for the centennial of his birth.  Thanks to our friends at Sony Legacy for sending it to us.

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