World Music inspired by Feminine Legends – Sandy Miranda

World Music inspired by Feminine Legends

ANA ALCAIDE is a wonderful artist from Spain who uses a Swedish instrument.

The first hour of this week’s Folk Music & Beyond, we feature evocative new music from women.  First, the new release from Spanish artist Ana Alcaide.  Her new album, Legend, is inspired by legends and mythologies of women and feminine beings from Spain, Europe, and diverse places around the world.  Ana is the first to combine the Swedish nyckelharpa with her own Spanish roots, having studied music in Sweden.

She writes 12 different songs, each creating a unique world including the old native Mexican Earth Mother, the Chinese myth surrounding the goddess Luolaien, and Granada’s water spirits or “undines.”  She explores the ancient world of the feminine that has been passed down through the generations, but one that we have lost touch with.

We continue with other women artists of the world, and more world music in the second hour.

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