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Celebrating the light

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Solstice, or another kind of holiday at this time of year, one thing is for sure.  This is the time, throughout history, when people have always gathered together to share food, tell stories, and celebrate the shortest day of the year–and the subsequent beginning of the return of the light and longer, warmer days ahead.

Sometimes the darkest hour is just before dawn.  Sometimes the animal side of us fears that somehow the light will never return.  But the light does return, and after the total full moon eclipse we just had, that returning light seems even closer.  Let’e be thankful for enough food to eat, a comfortable place to live, and good friends and loved ones around us.  Some people in this world aren’t so lucky.  Let’e do what we can to help those less fortunate, and just as important, let’s celebrate the coming new year.  I’m looking forward to 1/11/11, at 11:11 o’clock!  I’ve always loved those numbers.

Today, we will listen to a beautiful hour long song and chant for peace that has just been released by the very beautiful and beautiful in spirit Jennifer Berezan.  It’s called

Jennifer Berezan / In These Arms: A song for all beings / Edge of Wonder Records

She describes the 58 minute piece as “A long playing musical meditation, based in the practices of lovingkindness and compassion.”  James Baraz says it is a “profound transmission…that soothes the spirit and opens the heart.”  I hope you find this piece as full of love as I do.

In the second part of the program, we’ll move into some really fun new music from Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks from their annual Christmas album.  This one just made the NPR top ten list of best holiday recordings, so I guess I’m not the only one who likes it.

  • Jennifer Berezan/ In These Arms: A Song for all Beings / Edge of Wonder / 2010
  • Willie K / Baby It’s Cold Outside / Willie Wonderland / Island Soul
  • Sistah Robi / Santa’s Hula / An Island Christmas/  Neos Productions
  • Willie K / Merry Xmas Baby / Willie Wonderland / Island Soul
  • Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks / Christmas Mornin’; Santa Gotta Choo Choo; Somebody Stole My Santa Claus Suit; Carol of the Bells; Run Run Rudolph; Old Fashioned Christmas / Crazy for Christmas / Surfdog Records
  • Tennessee Ernie Ford / Christmas Dinner / Christmas on the Range: Cowboy Classics from Capitol Nashville / Capitol
  • Elvis / Santa Claus is back in Town / If Every Day Was like Christmas/ RCA
  • Christmas Jug Band / Santa Don’t Do It / Rhythm on the Roof / Globe
  • James Taylor / Jingle Bells / James Taylor at Christmas / Columbia
  • Christmas Jug Band / S.A.N.T.A. / Tree-side Hoot / Globe
  • Beach Boys / Little Saint Nick / Christmas Album / Capitol
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